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Here at reference75 we use a 1:1 Autosurf Ratio. For example, As you surf for Advertising credits our autosurf traffic exchange system will show you a web site that belongs to one of our members.

You are required to view each web site for a minimum of 20  seconds. Once the required 20 seconds have elapsed the autosurf system will automatically deposit 1 autosurf page view credit into your autosurf reference75 account (You view 1 pages = 1 autosurf credit / 1 web site visitor = -1 credit)



The Autosurf reference75 system will then automatically repeat the whole process, continually depositing autosurf credits into your Free Autosurf reference75 account.

In an effort to generate even more web site traffic for You and all of our other traffic exchange members, Autosurf reference75 has joined the NWT Traffic Exchange Network, That means when you autosurf at autosurf reference75 your pages will be displayed to other autosurfer's using a wide variety of other autosurf traffic exchanges across the web.

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